R4G CurOur Rugby4Good curriculum, which has been in use with continuous updates since our founding, features 30 lessons that will take participants from introducing the sport through to being advanced players. The curriculum is also applicable to both flag and tackle rugby settings, and is suitable for all age groups (once you have been to one of our teacher trainings you will see the proof!)

The curriculum delivers on three core principles to engage students, teach positive life skills, and encourage healthy behaviors:

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    Games Based

    Rather than focusing on skill drills and chalkboard sessions, our curriculum focuses on creating fun and engaging play through the use of games. Participants work on key socialization and technical skills without realizing it as they play numerous games every session. Each game includes variations for the YDM, an explanation of what skills to reinforce, as well as what values this game develops.

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    Constantly Active

    The games in the Rugby4Good curriculum are designed to ensure maximum participation from the entire group. The egalitarian nature of rugby helps achieve this goal, as every player is required to run, pass, tag, and score in order for the team to succeed. This results in higher activity levels and, most importantly, more fun!

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    Modular Design

    The curriculum has 70 games included in it to go with the 30 pre made lesson plans. These games all vary in regards to the size of group they require, space, and equipment needs. This allows YDMs to be ready for any eventuality or change in their training circumstances. In addition, each YDM is encouraged to sample different games to be able to design lessons that maximize engagement for their participants by using the games they enjoy most.

Below are a few screenshots and one of the video tutorials from the curriculum. If you are interested in learning more, visit Rugby4Good.com

Curriculum Snapshots

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